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Sector Segregation



With practically every stratum of education today – from rural education to new-age corporate schools; advanced research institutions to higher education University campuses – turning a domain of technology adoption, there is a multitude of deliverables for AV: E-learning; distant-learning; digital and Smart Classrooms; Cloud-based learning, and IoT. ESCO moulds the best technology solution with teaching methodology- to the ease of users.

Smart Classroom Setup


Financial Services

One of the most aggressive adopters of technology today, Financial Services are hot takers for diverse AV applications. From Smart Banking to Secure Banking, Investment Banking to Stock Exchanges, Insurance to Mutual Funds, financial managers across the globe are tasked to explore and execute time-critical opportunities. From mobile platforms to digital signages to Interactive Whiteboards to telepresence to video-conferencing and UC environments, a great variety of AV solutions determine success of companies. ESCO brings the capability to execute each of them with elan.

Video Conferencing Solutions



Adoption of audio-visual technology in the domain of Business is as wide as the domain itself. More, irrespective with the size of the business – small, medium, or large – application of AV solution can be as smart as the business itself. ESCO prides the art of smarting it, and devising the suitable solution from simple video-conferencing to complex BODY environments connecting multiple offices across the globe; from Client Experience Centers to Multimedia demo rooms; from advanced Network Operation Centers to mission-critical Command Control Rooms, it’s a sheer business of AV. And, it’s just the ‘business’ of ESCO to ensure it happens to the clients’ comfort.

Audio Visual Solutions



Today, governments are just Smart, in every aspect of their functioning. While Legislatures and Parliament Houses have become tech-savvy congregations, Ministerial and other government offices and organs, including Judiciary, have turned equally high-tech for deliverance of their duties. ESCO possess the competence to comprehend the importance of each of these places, and execute the desired application with aplomb. Testimonials galore!

Audio Visual Company


Health care

There is a piece of technology in every breath one takes, and every breadth one cares about health. From simple way-finding and waiting room digital signages to high-end diagnoses and clinical mapping; from surgery simulation to integrated operating rooms; from interactive training rooms to advanced multimedia labs, healthcare is going places in technology adoption, and so does ESCO. Able to map every single breath and breadth of Health AV!

Digital Signage System



The one domain that has an experiential AV, a WOW factor, probably, at every ‘step’ is the Hospitality. Grandiose, yet soothing lobbies and fanciful foyers; Smart Receptions to guest In-room technologies; high-tech Business Centres to sophisticated conference rooms; centralized EPOS booking systems to advanced PAVA systems; and, of course the technology-laid convention centres all characterise the heavily customer experience-driven segment. ESCO understands the gene and genre of the segment and brings its nerve and verve to define experiential hospitality.

Audio Visual Systems



IP is the future of technology living! In life and business, they say. Truly, it’s the IP that’s been determining the way content is shared- across cabins, campuses, colonies or countries and continents. ESCO took this in its stride and translates the expertise to client place to the best of the technology application.

AV Equipment



A rapidly growing segment, Retail is also a fast adopter of audio-visual technology. From simple PoS to advanced PoE; from networked digital signages to large video walls; from product demo multimedia platforms to integrated business processes, Retail segment has some large and ‘wholesale’ stakes of audio-visual technologies. ESCO brings an integrated competence to design every retailed AV design, keeping the customer experience on its PoS, and PoD- point of design.

Digital Signage Solutions



Simply said, a place where technology connects the devout with the deity. Elaborated, myriad are the ways the devout seeks the deity today- soothingly enchanting aural ambiences; orchestra-synchronised choir; or an immersive projection mapping indoor as well as outdoors enhancing the spiritual experiences of devotes. ESCO expertise encapsulates all that, and weaves around the ambience with all the devotion.

Projection Solutions

Our Latest projects

We aspire to be your preferred partner for innovative technology solutions.
To achieve this, we commit ourselves to delivering cutting edge technology solutions by nurturing a passion for delivering excellence.

BNY Mellon

  • LED and LCD display screens
  • Audio and video conferencing facilities
  • High end video resources


  • LED and LCD display
  • Wireless Microphones
  • High end video resources

Barclays Bank

  • Dynamic displays
  • Ceiling microphones
  • Room booking system


  • Video and computer display systems
  • Digital projection HD DLP projection systems.
  • Audio system with program audio featuring digital audio processor

Citibank N.A.

  • Large Media Walls
  • Workbench Video Call center
  • RBI walls (E-Notice / E-Signage)

General Motors

  • Dynamic displays
  • Ceiling microphones and wireless microphones
  • Room booking system

our blog

At ESCO we aim on understanding client requirements, challenges, and technology goals which forms the foundation of our customer-centric solutions.

Maintain Your AV Systems; It Enhances Your Business Productivity

It goes without saying that in today’s business environment, audio-visual systems and their infrastructure are almost indispensable for any enterprise to conduct their business processes in desired fashion.


Unfold the Magic of Devices, with a Click

It’s a technology living today. It has come a long way, from the days of relying on chorded, and bulky phones a couple of decades ago to handy ‘smart’ devices


Audio - the Pleasure of Give & Take Sound, NOT Noise

Audio, practically, an integral half of any AV set-up, is as indispensable as it can get. Sometimes it may assume larger priority, and in some instance where there is no video part,


The Collaboration of Communication Tools

Unified Communications, simply said, is self-explanatory. In that it is the integration (one can say unification) of multiple communication tools into a collaborative mechanism.


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At Esco we understand your requirenments and we undertake the process of obtaining the best solutions.
We as a team do an all round procedure for best results.

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  • Understanding Client needs
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  • AV program
  • Design & build
  • Design
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  • Work order
  • Execution
  • Quality assurance
  • Handover
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Operation & Maintenance

  • Defect liability period
  • Extended maintenance
  • Manpower services
  • Project engineering
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Client Training

  • End User
  • System Administrator
  • Technical maintenance

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A workforce made up of dedicated and professionals who have consistently provided consultancy services to some of the most unique and innovative AV solutions all over India.
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Our audio visual solutions are reputable as our systems are engineered
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Silver certificate of membership
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