Audio Visual Solutions


Audio, practically, an integral half of any AV set-up, is as indispensable as it can get. Sometimes it may assume larger priority, and in some instance where there is no video part, it is the single factor demanding attention in more ways than one.

For depending upon the type, shape, size and function of the space, the mode, model, mechanism, and even material may differ, but all aimed at one goal. A very pleasant aural ambience- either hearing a sound or capturing and /or processing a sound produced from a source.

While there is a limitation for human comprehension of sound, there is practically no set standard for a space design, and shape and size for different functionalities, which is why the audio fraternity have a generic methodology for weaving suitable audio ambiences around designated spaces with a variety of systems that suit the artcoustics (architecture and acoustics) of the space, nay, the taste and choice of the user- which is also simply why there are hordes manufacturers with a plethora of audio devices for diverse application scenarios, both in professional and consumer segments.

If there are any two big terms that are involuntarily associated with audio technology- they are the Analog and Digital. Intriguingly, while analog has always fascinated the audio folks world over, the arrival of digital technologies has simply redefined the way audio is experienced and even experimented. A major paradigm shift, that it was, digital audio completely altered the parameters of whole audio domain, particularly the design and making of systems.

Further, in the realm of R & D of audio systems, there have been some very critical and path-breaking innovations- such as echo cancellation, beam-forming, and beam-steering.

For one, manufacturers stay at the centre of most innovations in any domain, and audio is no different which is reflected in the fact that they invest significant amount of time and money to come out with new innovations. Generically said, innovations in the domain happen

  • a. Segment-wise, Vertical-wise, and space-wise
  • b. Manufacturer-wise, format-wise
  • c. Concept-wise, fanciful design-wise

As an underlying principle to all these innovations, is the extreme extents of customization or personalization by the innovators, which simply said, is keeping the ‘customer need’ as their paramount focus- giving a new definition to the ‘pleasuring of hearing or making a sound. So much so that today’s user can interact with the sound devices, network them from anywhere to anywhere, calibrate them in tune with one’s own hearing levels, and many more things.

After all, it is the pleasure of give and take (sound).