Video Conferencing System

The New Eye of the AV Storm

Today’s office culture, if not the corporate culture as such, is often defined by the spaces and environment a company creates for its employees and visitors. The importance of the proverbial saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ appears lost. For, the audio-visual technology embellishments an enterprise does to its ambiences seek to entice the inmates into a whole new experience, every time they visit a place.

We have also heard them often saying what you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing! This plays true on most occasions today, particularly in the domain of AV, because the kind of AV systems deployed in a place practically define the culture the company works with. It can be a corporate branding digital signage at the reception; path-finder or a bgm in a lobby; high-end business centre; collaborative tools in huddle rooms/meeting rooms/lecture or training halls; multimedia streaming a client experience centre; a video wall in a command control centre, or even a PA system in an airport.

It can often be a recreational area with bgm, LEDs, intelligent lighting and networked audio, or a broadcast-enabled Senate hall, or a web-cast enabled Executive chamber.

It can as well be a sports arena with clusters of LEDs and video walls streaming a variety of power- packed multimedia that is controlled remotely by automated devises.

In an age of where smart living is not a far cry, it can as well be a Smart Room or Home depending on the choice and taste of the user and innovation that a designer or an integrator can bring to a place- an otherwise bed-side fancy toy-like, conventional timepiece can wake you up with some soft-spoken words; the mirror in the washroom can play the TV screen, running headlines, while its even the face-recognizing capability can sense the person’s body temperature and run the day’s appointments; the television can play go on or off with a mere waving of hand; and many more…

While the devises get smarter and smarter, the visual formats can test the crazier limits of their appeal. ‘D’s and ‘K’s have a fierce battle between them- 3D is no longer a fancy, it is taken a necessity while 8K is taken a certain possibility and 16 is a colourful dream fascinating many.

Sound masking is still there, but projection mapping transgressing faster than feared.

Terms and domains that sounded quaint and weird till recently have turned buzzwords today, thanks to Clouds of technology; Native skype; Millenials of D2D (device-to- device) communications and so on...! BYOD has already begun sounding staid while ICT has given in to Internet of Things. Realities are not just augmented; they are virtually mixed into a new domain of XR (Mixed Reality)- creating a new ‘I’ (you can read ‘eye’) in the AV spectrum of terms- Intelligent, Immersive, Intuitive, and Impactful!