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BNY Mellon

LOCATION: Pune, Chennai

BNY Mellon is an investment company. They provide investment management, investment services and wealth management which helps institutions and individuals succeed in markets all over the world. For over 10 decades, BNY Mellon has maintained a valued presence in Asia Pacific, where we have been one of the first U.S. financial institutions to invest in the region’s vast potential. Today, they have over 12,000 employees in the region and maintain extensive operations in 16 offices across 12 APAC countries.


ESCO was asked to deliver extensive professional audio visual and video conferencing systems for our client's various premises to create a cutting-edge, collaborative working environment. Key features of this high profile, corporate AV solution include presentation rooms with integrated audio conferencing facilities, small presentation rooms, meeting rooms, multi-purpose meeting rooms with video conferencing, Video wall, signage pillar, etc.


ESCO successfully delivered projects at:

  2. BNY MELLON, Chennai , DLF IT Park , Tower 9B.

The following dynamic audio visual technologies were delivered:

  1. Video and computer display systems, audio systems and control technologies
  2. Video conferencing and audio conferencing systems.
  3. Digital projection HD DLP projection systems.
  4. Audio system with program audio featuring digital audio processor

Technician-controlled space with audio/video stations and IP enabled RoomView, touchscreen control and remote management of AV systems. ESCO was asked to deliver extensive professional audio visual and video conferencing systems for Boardroom in Pune. ESCO designed and installed an integrated suite of dynamic high-end audio-visual technologies using an approach that is sensitive to BNY Mellon’s secure operations yet powerful enough to consistently meet the demands on an international banking institution.

These technologies formed part of a cutting-edge meeting, Town-hall meeting, Wireless presentation and communications solutions that’s conducive to a collaborative working environment for employees and clients located both within the building and across a global network of operations.

We created cutting-edge auditorium with a remarkable large format displays up till 95 inches from SAMSUNG and Projection system from PANASONIC featuring an operator-run space with a control room located at the rear, Lightings Control Systems are being the part of project to enhance the experience with world’s leading Video Conference solution MX700 NPP Dual 55in Dual Camera from CISCO, both within the building and across a global network of operations. Wired/Wireless Microphones from Revolabs.

The following dynamic audio visual technologies were deployed within BNY Mellon.

  1. LED and LCD display screens up to 95Inches and DLP projection system.
  2. Audio and video conferencing facilities with Digital Media infrastructure and switching.
  3. Wireless Microphones, Wireless presentation device and Wireless touchscreen controls.
  4. High end video resources, VC codecs, HD video capture and streaming system.

In summary: The BNY Mellon project represents a sophisticated integrated AV solution, meeting and boardrooms to Auditorium. The result is a stunning corporate environment that enjoys seamless operations and effortless communications with its operating partners that are worldwide.