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Citibank N.A.


On June 16, 1812, with $2 million of capital, City Bank of New York (which is currently known as Citibank) initiated for business in the City of New York in the United States to serve a group of New York Merchants. First headed by Samuel Osgood, and taken over by Moses Taylor, it then became the largest bank in the United States by holdings as of March 2007. Citibank is now the corporate and consumer banking arm of Citigroup.


ESCO was asked to deliver SMART BRANCHES where the customers can walk-in and access all the information digitally (Paperless initiative) in an interacting way and thereby enhancing experience of customers. They were aiming at diverting their customers to respective solutions with an ease – letting it one of the finest banking services in India.


The key technologies that feature in this project are highlighted below:

  1. Large Media Walls (90” TV or LED Videowall) for display of services to attract passerby.
  2. Sales Wall for product & service information at a fingertip.
  3. Private Briefing Room with Video Conferencing Software to interact with banking professionals.
  4. Workbench (touch enabled) Video Call center with Hotline for support services.
  5. RBI walls (E-Notice / E-Signage) for latest RBI guidelines & live stock market feeds.